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 Garena Spam RoomS Bot 3.5d [English now]


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帖子主题: Garena Spam RoomS Bot 3.5d [English now]   周一 十一月 22, 2010 1:05 am

Well for starters differences from previous versions:

1) optimized for maximum
2) Do not trubeyutsya lists of rooms
3) When upgrading gareny bot will still work
4) Added new required functions
5) The message is no longer needed at the beginning and the end to put a bunch of enterovirus
6) Previously spam always begins with 1 room, now with that which you put
7) and m

New features:

1) Since garena updated anti-flooding became stronger (test off the client)
Add a tick "Anti Anti Flood" - before the message is (*) where * is the three digit number randomly

2) If spam is not with Goldie, it often comes in the room (because they are overcrowded)
used to be that even if he did not go still trying to spam because of what when entering the room at the top was a lot of your posts
Add a check "not spam, if not in the room"

3) On a new client, a big minus, alas, spam will come only when garena will be on top of other windows (ie the focused)
otherwise they will crawl errors so Toko
Add a tick "Spam only if garena active" - so that no errors

4) Previously, a lot of time asking, but how to make the spam infinitely (well, if there is 100,500 times to copy the room would have been infinitely)
Add a checkmark if the room is over, start over "- as Toko reaches the end starts from the beginning

5) Those who are spamming the night and need it
I put the night on 15 minutes got out Message from kaspersokogo garena and ceased to be active, because of what spam is over
Add a tick every 5 seconds to do garenu active - every 5 seconds displays garenu on top of other windows

This is a free version of spammer!!!


Virus scan(Result:0/ 42 (0.0%)):


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Garena Spam RoomS Bot 3.5d [English now]

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